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The who

At the core of Vexer you will always find engineers, programmers, dreamers and entrepreneurs but above all people who won’t be content with just thinking outside the box, but use it to stand on to see farther, beyond the horizon. As the team grow we will strive to keep everybody on top of the box, standing on each others shoulder if need be, to reach our goal.

What we do

Vexer aims to create a complete eco system for extraction, preservation, mapping and evaluation of large sections of cerebral tissue. The key feature is automation and speed. This is only possible to achieve in a highly controlled environment where several tools and methods are combined in one machine named ACCESS – Automated Cerebral Connectome Evaluation and Scanning System. The ultimate goal is to be able to accurately map the entire human brain.

Why we do it

Understanding how the brain works is one of the truly great challenges of the future. It’s an area that holds enormous potential to further the fields of medicine, social science and AI. The EU-funded Blue Brain Project is one clear indicator of the importance and promises of this field. Explorers of all ages have realized the importance of maps and the role they play in understanding the world. We must strive to enable the mapping of the brain in the same way. Only by knowing how the land lies will we be able to plot the correct course “ahead”.

How we do it

There are several stages of the mapping process that must be perfected in order to enable the speed and precision required for accurate large scale mapping. There has been a recent explosion in technological advancement and the pieces are almost there. However, they have yet to come together which is where Vexer can make a difference. We will have to implement technology from the front line of research and in parallel to developing and building ACCESS continuously evaluate our approach to data reduction which we call Clockwork. Hard? Yes, but nothing worth having is ever easy.